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60 Min.
Therapeutic Massage

First time client:  $50

Weekly Massage: $55 *

Every Other Week  $60

Monthly Massage: $65*

As Needed Massage $70

Weekend Massage $90


Reflexology of the Feet

  • 60 min, massage with 30 min reflexology $105

  • Half massage 30 min. and half reflexology 30 min. $80


Add on to your Massage

  • Upper body cupping $5

  • Whole body Cupping $10

  • Facial Cupping (add 15 min) $15

  • CBG pain relief oil $5-15

  • MPS Tool (microcurrent point tool) $10-20

  • Lymphatic Massage $5-10


Specialty Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage, 60 min. $80

  • Prenatal Massage, 60 min. $70

  • Oncology Massage for Cancer patients and Survivors (up to 60 min.) $60


75 and 90 Min. Therapeutic Massage

75 min,:

As needed.:$85

90 min.:

As needed $100

Weekend $120


Couples Massage

  • Welcome to our tranquil forest yurt, (Serenity Creek Studio)where relaxation and connection await. Escape the hustle and bustle and indulge in our side-by-side massages designed for friends, couples, or significant others. Surrounded by serene nature, our unique setting sets the stage for an hour of blissful rejuvenation. As you lie side by side, you'll feel the cares of the outside world slip away, replaced by a profound sense of tranquility and connection. Whether you choose to unwind in silence or engage in whispered conversation, this shared experience promises to deepen your bond and leave you both feeling utterly renewed. Discover the perfect retreat to unwind and bond with your loved one.

  • 1 hour $175

  • Requires 1 month prior appointment

Complimentary hot packs with every massage.

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